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Why Don't We Believe What We Believe?

Hoping to challenge his congregation's beliefs on poverty, a Mormon Bishop transformed himself into a homeless man and loitered outside the church before service started on a Sunday.  The Bishop adopted a disguise that added . . .


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I was crucified with Jesus on that Friday afternoon. Who would have thought I would be here in heaven? How I got here still amazes me, I’m telling my true story so you can share in the joys I’ve found. I awoke that morning knowing this is the day I die . . .

“Kay's Ministry offers not only the opportunity to serve those less fortunate, but, more importantly, a chance to listen, care and love others as Christ continually shows his unconditional love for each of us."


Kay's Ministry began in 2009. Inspired by his mother, Kay's loving example, Charlie loaded up his car with bologna sandwiches, picked up his Bible, and headed to the streets of downtown Tampa, Florida..

Kay’s has always been blessed by the generous and thoughtful donations of others to this great ministry and we are grateful for those blessings.

We often receive bags of clothing and items that many have graciously offered that we then distribute to our thankful homeless friends of Tampa. As we have seen more and more homeless individuals and grown to know many of them personally, we have been able to compile a list of items that are the true essentials for our friends we see each week.

Share 2 hours on a Sunday afternoon with Kay’s Ministry.  We bring the word of God (food for their souls) to the homeless in downtown Tampa as well as clothing and food for their belly.  Come out for a Sunday and get an exhilarating feeling of being able to help those who are so less fortunate than you.

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Every time I come out and volunteer with Kay's Ministry I can actually feel the presence of Jesus all around me.


“I haven't eaten anything for three days.  You guys are the best.  I had lost all my faith in God but then you come out and I know God is still in my life.  God bless you."


"Most of us are in a segregated area where we live and even where we are allowed to sit at church.  You're doing so much for us and allow us to just talk and be with regular people!  You also bring a very positive message to us.  I'm grateful for all of it."


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